Secret Ponchos Launch Trailer Drops, Plus More Combat Details

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Secret Ponchos Outlaws Secret Ponchos has launched and can now be played on the PlayStation 4. To celebrate the release of their wild west-themed competitive online shooter, developer Switchblade Monkeys has treated us to an impressive launch trailer. The trailer shows off the unique, fast-action combat and beautiful character designs of the Secret Ponchos, which is said to boast gameplay that draws inspiration from such games as Team Fortress, Street Fighter II and League of Legends. DON'T MISS: Secret Ponchos – What to Expect from this Wild West Shooter “We wanted to keep the quick-twitch style of more traditional fighting game combat, allowing you to see what your opponent is doing and react in fractions of a second to either escape or counter attack,” Yousuf Mapara, Switchblade Monkeys President and the Creative Director of Secret Ponchos, wrote in a post for PlayStation Blog. “Elements such as maneuvering into the right position to land a strike, precisely timing your attacks to hit your opponent when they are vulnerable, and aiming mechanics that rely on precision instead of point and click combat. We also wanted players to be able to use the environment to hide or take cover, to strategize team formations, and even use line of site mechanics to set up ambushes or escape a heated shootout.” To ensure that every gameplay choice had real consequences, the development team worked diligently to remove any spammy moves. “We knew early in development was that we wanted to avoid making a “spammy” game where it’s chaotic unloading of attacks at each other until someone randomly dies. The solution was creating a set of benefits and consequences for each move. This way, everything you do becomes a strategic choice,” Mapara added. “You can recklessly run in guns blazing, but when you hear that dreadful ‘click’ of an empty chamber, you realize you’ve made yourself an easy target.” Secret Ponchos is a very small game, but it’s clear a lot of heart went into its development. Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think: [youtube]

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