Rock Band 4 is Super Loaded with Songs

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Rock Band 4

One way “Rock Band 4” is responding to Guitar Hero: Live’s many new features is by offering a boatload of songs, with developer Harmonix promising some 1,700 tracks that include future DLCs.

As if that wasn't enough, gamers who have stayed within the same console family for the previous games will be able to add all their old songs to Rock Band 4’s library free of charge. I don't know about you, but that's enough music to last me two or three lifetimes... When it comes to music, the competition is still very much fair game between Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but then there is the gameplay element… That is, which one do you prefer? Rock Band 4 released for the Xbox One and PS4 on October 6, 2015. If you don’t already own it, will you be getting it? For more video game news and trailers, keeping coming back to GameTribute.

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