Robin Williams Tribute: The Funny Man Loved Video Games

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Robin Zelda Williams Nintendo 3DS Robin Williams is best remembered for his roles in such memorable movies as Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting and Jumanji, but few know about his love of video games. That’s right, despite being a Hollywood big shot, he was a regular guy just like you and me. Having seen first-hand how far the video game industry has progressed since its birth in the 1970s, Robin Williams loved all kinds of video games, from simple 2D adventures to photo realistic shooters. No one can accuse him of being anything other than a serious gamer. First person shooters was his chosen genre, and the Half Life series was his champion. Robin Williams was so fascinated by Half Life that he shared his admiration during several interviews. Moreover, he spent a half-hour with Valve previewing Half Life 2 before the game was released. His fascination is understandable, considering Valve's two shooters are regarded as two of the best ever created. Half Life aside, other shooting games that caught Robin Williams's fancy included Day of Defeat and, of course, Call of Duty. Yup, like millions of gamers, he just couldn't escape the allure of CoD, even sharing his anticipation for Call of Duty: Ghosts during a Reddit AMA:
"No! I haven’t. I’m still waiting for the next Call of Duty. It’s been very unusual for me because I’ve done trips overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan, and I would see guys who had just come back from patrol playing Call of Duty, and I would say “you’re living this stuff! And yet you’re still playing this game..."
He wasn't all about straight-up shooters, however, as he was quite fond of Portal. He called the clever, mind-bending gem -- yet another one of Valve’s masterpieces -- insane during his Reddit AMA, and there is just no arguing with that. Yes, Robin Williams loved shooters, but he also had a soft spot for games with good stories. He played World of Warcraft when it first came out, with his enjoyment of the WarCraft lore and characters leading him to complete the single-player campaign. He would go on to play the popular MMO for quite some time. And then there is the oddball Wizardry, a pen-and-paper RPG series of the 80s that he was a particularly fond of. Williams was regarded as one of three notable celebrities that played the game a lot, the others being Harry Anderson and -- get this -- the Crown Prince of Bahrain. But as important as all these games were to the seasoned gamer, there was one series that ruled his world. Not only was The Legend of Zelda Robin Williams' favorite of all-time, it -- in particular Ocarina of Time -- was also the inspiration behind the name of his only daughter. You guessed it -- Zelda Rae Williams (pictured above) was named after the famous princess of the series. His status as a serious gamer doesn't get any more definitive than that. We will remember Robin Williams for more than just his great acting and comedic skills, and love of video games. He was a solid all-around human being.

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