Riptor Revealed! Watch Her Killer Instinct Season 2 Trailer

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Riptor Killer Instinct Season 2 Riptor, the forth playable character of Killer Instinct Season 2 for the Xbox One, has been revealed, and boy is she well executed. For those not familiar with the new Killer Instinct, it is an Xbox One-exclusive fighting game that is divided into season. It was initially developed by Double Helix Game, which was abruptly acquired by Amazon, but not before “completing” Season One of the game. Double Helix was replaced by Iron Galaxy Studios, and developer that until now had many fans worried about the future of the game. DON'T MISS: Here Are the New Killer Instinct Characters in KI Season 2 To say that Iron Galaxy came out of the gate struggling would be an understatement. Tasked with developing Season 2 of Killer Instinct, the studio’s first two characters -- TJ Combo and especially Maya -- failed to live up to the high quality standards set by Double Helix, and the third character, Kan-Ra, barely scraped by. Riptor is a totally different beast… Whereas TJ Combo and Maya have some serious issues with their designs, movesets and/or animations, Riptor hits everything out of the ballpark. She’s Iron Galaxy’s best character to date, and is easily at the same level as the Season One characters. Not only is she pleasing to the sense, but her reveal trailer does an excellent job at explaining why a prehistoric dinosaur is fighting in the Killer Instinct tournament. Just watch it... [youtube] So, what do you think? Impressive, isn't it? At one year old, Riptor is the youngest fighter in Killer Instinct lore. She is a cybernetic raptor created by the very powerful megacorporation Ultratech (organizes the Killer Instinct tournament) as an alternative to the fully-cybernetic Fulgore. Unlike Fulgore, Riptor can’t be jammed or hacked, stopped by weather or disabled by a grain of sand in an intake, making her more adaptable to radically different hostile environments. She retains most of the moves of the original Riptor, such as the tailflip, Dragon Breath and Jump Rake. For fans of the new Killer Instinct, do you see yourself playing as Riptor? Share your impressions of the cybernetically-enhanced dinosaur in the comments below. [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="large" ids="2619,2618,2621,2617"]

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