Razer Unveils Android-Powered Forge TV Gaming Console

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Razer Forge TV The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) saw the unveiling of the Razer Forge TV, a new video game console powered by Google’s Android and aimed at "hardcore PC gamers." Should Microsoft and Sony be worried? Probably not... According to Razer, the Forge TV is a “micro-console” developed to move PC and Android mobile gaming out of the dark corners of your room or basement and into the communal light of the living room. The goal is to provide PC and mobile gamers with some of the benefits generally associated with console gaming, such playing on a big, high-definition TV. While the Forge TV is similar in idea to the Google’s Nexus Player, unlike Google’s micro console, it was built from the ground up with gaming in mind and connects to your PC or Android smartphone via the Razer Cortex streaming service. Users will be able to play on all the popular game clients currently available, including Valve’s Steam, EA’s Origin, and Blizzard’s Battle.net, just to name just a few. In fact, the Forge TV is said to be the first micro-console to work with GPU’s manufactured by both Nvidia and AMD. Notable highlights include quad-core processing; a high-end graphics engine (Adreno 420 GPU) ; wireless and network connectivity; 16 GB of internal storage; and 2 GB of RAM. Thanks to the Razer Cortex streaming service, you will be able to stream videos, music, photos and apps to your television. Those interested in owning one will need $99 to get the console itself, plus an additional $50 if you must have the new Razer Serval bluetooth controller. If you prefer to game with a keyboard and mouse, the new Razer Turret, which includes a magnetised pad, will surely tickle your fancy. The Forge TV console goes on sale sometime in the first quarter of 2015. Do you plan on getting one?

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