Raiden Revealed for Mortal Kombat X with Three Different Variations [Video]

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[youtube] It’s official: Thunder God Raiden will take part in the brutal and extra-violent fight that is Mortal Kombat X. Here he is revealed in his full glory. In the latest Mortal Kombat, the player is able to select between three different variations of each character, with each featuring a different set of moves that can be used during the match. Raiden’s reveal trailer (shown above) showcases all three of his fighting forms, as well as his X-ray move and Fatality. Below is a short description of all his variations:
  • Thunder God Raiden: Has "Electrocution Kombos" and the ability to lay out static projectiles that sit around like floating landmines.
  • Displacer Raiden: Has a teleportation ability that can be used within combos, to dodge projectiles, and to briefly hide from your opponent.
  • Storm Lord Raiden: Specializes in setting lightning traps that are activated automatically after putting into place multiple floating projectiles.
Mortal Kombat X releases on the PC, PS3, PS4, X360, and Xbox One sometime in 2015.

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