Quantum Break Gets Live-Action Trailer Called ‘The Cemetery’

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Quantum Break, time-bending

Microsoft’s much-hyped Quantum Break for the Xbox One and now the PC has received a live-action trailer that gives gamers a taste of the sci-fi action adventure game’s time-bending story.

Titled ‘The Cemetery’, the trailer shows lead protagonist Jack Joyce unknowingly being hunted by agents from Monarch Solutions in a cemetery as he mourns the loss of his brother. He then uses his ability to warp time in an effort to survive. Quantum Break is set around the fictional North Eastern U.S. Riverport University, where a time-travel experiment gone wrong causes time to break down, granting the three main characters -- Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder, and Paul Serene -- the ability to manipulate time in different ways. Originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive, it releases for both Xbox One and PC on April 5 with cross-saving between the two platforms. Watch the trailer and let us know if it gets you excited for the game... [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4or8YE-6P4?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=800&h=366]

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