PS4 is Crushing Xbox One Sales in Germany and Around the World

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Xbox One vs PS4 As if being handily outsold by the PS4 in North America wasn't bad enough, the Xbox One is receiving a much serious beating internationally, particularly in Germany where it is being outsold nearly 3 to 1 by Sony's latest video game console. Media Control GfK -- Regarded as the NPD Group equivalent in Europe and trusted for its accurate numbers -- has released its June 2014 LTD hardware figures, highlighting the PS4's dominance in Germany. Sales figures for the last nine months are as follows:
  • PlayStation 4: 540,000
  • Xbox One: 170,000
With regards to the last-gen consoles, the PS3 is giving a similar ass-whopping to the Xbox 360:
  • PlayStation 3: 4,200,000
  • Xbox 360: 2,100,000
Since going on sale in November 2013, the PS4 has racked up around 9 million sales internationally, while the Xbox One stands at 5 million. It is worth noting that the PS4 has been on sale in many more markets than its rival, likely contributing greatly to its sales lead. While things might look hopeless for the Xbox One in Germany and elsewhere around the world, the console war is far from over. In fact, it has just begun. The PS3 found itself in a similar situation in its first couple years on the market, but has gone on to outsell the Xbox 360 worldwide.

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