Pre-Purchase Evolve for Xbox One, Play as Wraith in Beta

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Evolve Hunter and Wraith Wraith, the third monster to be added to Evolve, can be tried-out well before the game releases. By pre-ordering Evolve for the Xbox One and opting-in for the beta, you will be able to play as the stealth-focused melee creature with tricky abilities during the testing phase. In addition to getting complete access to Wraith, pre-purchasing the game at any time before or during the beta will also have him (her?) unlocked in the final version of the game, sparing you the trouble of grinding. MUST SEE: Watch the Opening Cinematic for Evolve On top of all of that, pre-purchasing grants you access to the last set of hunters -- Parnell, Abe, Caira, and Cabot. Developer Turtle Rock Studios really wants you to buy Evolve. The question is, will you? The Xbox One open beta for Evolve begins on January 15, 2015, alongside smaller technical tests for the PS4 and PC versions. The final build of the game is expected to launch on all platforms on February 10th.

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