Play as Rash from Battletoads in Killer Instinct Xbox One

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Rash Battletoads Killer Instinct Xbox One

Probably just as big as Microsoft’s Killer Instinct Season 3 announcement at Gamescom 2015 was their reveal of Rash from Battletoads as a fighter in the awesome fighting game.

That’s right, the sunglasses-wearing “class clown" and mascot of the Battletoads games is a playable character in Killer Instinct – NOW! DON'T MISS: Killer Instinct Season 3 Announced, Coming in March 2016 To play as him, you need to own any piece of Killer Instinct content or Rare Replay. Unfortunately he can only be downloaded until September 8, 2015. Microsoft and developer Iron Galaxy said this a beta of Rash, as his animations, moveset and appearance have not been finalized. He enters Killer Instinct with most of his moves from the Battletoads games, morphing his body, arm and legs and using his long tongue to dish out serious damage. In instinct mode, Rash is able to summon a Speeder Bike from out of nowhere and launch it into his opponent, exploding on impact. Similar to Aganos’ Peacemaker or Orchid’s firecats, he can keep summoning a Speederbike until he runs out of instinct. Watch him in action.... [youtube] So, what do you think about Rash being a playable character in Killer Instinct? Do you want to see more guest characters? Make sure to stay tuned to GameTribute for more Xbox One and Gamescom news and videos.

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