No Man’s Sky New Trailer Shows Off the Possibilities

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No Man’s Sky

Imagine being able to explore a continually expanding universe and over 18 quintillion different planets, each with their own set of flora and fauna… That’s what science fiction adventure No Man's Sky promises, and it has us very intrigued.

The game’s latest trailer reminds us of its vastness with the message: “Every planet unique. Every planet procedural. Every planet unexplored.” You’re probably asking yourself: “just what exactly do you do in this game?” Well, simply put, you explore many, many worlds in a procedurally-generated open galaxy. More specifically, No Man’s Sky has you play as a planetary explorer with a spacecraft that allows you to explore the surface of numerous planets and interact with the flora and fauna, as well as to take to space to engage in combat with hostile forces and travel to other worlds. No Man's Sky has an online features that allow you to share with other players details of planets you have visited, and visit these planets through a large galactic map once you have upgraded your ship for hyperdrive capabilities. Titled Infinite World, the new trailer makes one thing certain and that is the seemingly endless catalog of things you will do and find in your inter-galactic adventure. Watch it and let us know what you think… [youtube] No Man's Sky releases on the PlayStation 4 and PC on a yet-to-revealed date. Is it your kind of game?

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