Nintendo Switch Revealed! It Will be a Hit [Video]

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Nintendo has finally revealed its news video game hardware, and it is called Nintendo Switch. It releases in March 2017.

Switch is a fitting name for the project that has for the longest time been known as the Nintendo NX, but is it as cool as the "Duo" moniker that was rumored? Nintendo seems to have learned something from its struggles with the Wii U, with the Switch marking a significant shift in its stance. The company has always been about reinvention, and this is them trying their luck once again after the dual-screen gameplay that made the DS a hit failed to translate to home machines by way of the Wii U. Watch the announcement trailer and let us know what you think ... [youtube] Confirming the slew of rumors that preceeded the system's announcement, the Switch combines the handheld and home console businesses of Nintendo and can be used at home on a TV as a traditional home console or as a mobile gaming device that can be taken away and played anywhere like the 3DS. This fusion is an interesting, albeit smart business move, that brings Nintendo’s first party development houses under one piece of hardware. That's to say the company's myriad of teams only have to create one game for a single platform that serve both purposes, saving time and money. We can now see why the boss of Ubisoft was so giddy about it ... The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the first major Nintendo Switch game, and a new Mario and Pokemon are expected to arrive within the first few months of its launch in March 2017. The next Sonic the Hedgehog will also release on the Switch and will be joined by such titles as Dragon Quest, Skyrim, Mario Kart, NBA 2K and Splatoon. Judging by everyone's reaction, the Nintendo Switch is a portable gamer's dream come true. Are you excited for it? Will you be getting it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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