Nintendo Reveals Goal for Designing Nintendo NX Console

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There is a lot of mystery surrounding the Nintendo NX, mysteries that are slowly being unraveled. Nintendo has shed some light on how they designed their new console to attract a wide number of people.

In an interview with Fortune magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto and Shinya Takahashi said the plan for the Nintendo NX console is to see what would really “catch the attention of a large number of players” like the first Wii did, adding that Nintendo is hard at work designing a console that will capture the “excitement and passion” of gamers. ALSO READ: Nintendo NX Preparations Won’t Affect Wii U Gamers... Yet Miyamoto admitted he’s more focused on software at the moment, particularly Star Fox Zero. However, he is “observing and looking” at the development of the Nintendo NX console. According to Takahashi, the company is also looking from the perspective of gamers, checking to see what they would want from the Nintendo NX console. Needless to say, Nintendo doesn’t want to repeat the failure of the Wii U, which failed to live up to the success of the first Wii. A replacement has long been overdue... What do you hope to see from the Nintendo NX Console?

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