Nintendo NX Preparations Won’t Affect Wii U Gamers… Yet

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Nintendo Wii U, NX

In case you have been living under a rock, Nintendo is making a new video game console to replace the unsuccessful Wii U. The codenamed Nintendo NX is currently undergoing preparations that will supposedly not affect Wii U owners, at least not yet.

Many Nintendo fans feared that the Wii U would be outright abandoned in favor for the NX, a feeling that was intensified by the Wii U’s lacklustre showing at E3 2015. While the unpopular console will be phased out, it won’t be as abrupt as you probably expect. WE ASK YOU: Will the Nintendo NX be More Successful than the Wii U? Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed during a shareholders meeting that the Japanese gaming giant will still make 3DS and Wii games while the Nintendo NX is being made. More than that, priority is still being placed on satisfying Wii U customers. As for why the company has been quite about the mysterious 'next-gen' console, Iwata said the main reason is to prevent Microsoft, Sony and other tech companies from stealing their innovative ideas. They also don’t want to ruin the surprise for prospective buyers. Nintendo believes the Wii U didn’t do so well because of tablets, which rendered its tablet controller unoriginal. Whatever they are planning for the Nintendo NX must be very, very interesting. What do you think Nintendo has in store for gamers?

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