Nintendo 3DS Gets Blastball, a Soccer Game with Giant Mech Suits

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Blastball Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo kicked off its Nintendo World Championships at E3 2015 by announcing a new Nintendo 3DS game called Blastball, a sci-fi football (soccer) game that involves giant mech suits and play a lot like Metroid Prime Hunters

Rather than have players kick a ball around like they do today, they compete in giant mech suits and shoot at the ball from a first-person view! With two teams of three going at each other, the goal (pun intended) of Blastball is to get a giant orb into your opponent’s net by blasting at it with a laser gun, using boosts and power-ups gathered while playing. As if that wasn’t interesting enough, the net gets smaller every time a goal is scored and you can actually attack and disable the mechs on the other team. The initial fan response to Blastball at E3 was somewhat muted, but everyone seemed into the intense action after the demonstrations were over. It looks like a fun game. [youtube] Stay tuned to GameTribute for more Nintendo 3DS news and videos.

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