New Xbox One Experience UI Innovates, Has Cortana Support

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Xbox One Experience Cortana support

The Xbox 360 UI was a totally innovative, more advanced beast than the first Xbox’s, and now the Xbox One looks to continue that innovative streak. The new Xbox One Experience reshapes the console’s UI in many significant ways.

In the video below, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson sits down with Xbox One engineer Richard Irving to go over everything that has been changed with the recent Xbox One UI update, revealing just how much more streamlined and informative the Home Screen has become. Reshuffling your icons and the ‘Recently Played’ section of the UI are now a greater part of the user experience. MUST READ: You Can Now Play Xbox 360 Games on the Xbox One It’s also faster, making getting in and out of games; accessing your friends and parties, DVR clips, achievements and add-ons; and engaging with the overall Xbox One Live community less of a hassle. As if that wasn’t enough, the updated UI comes with Cortana support! That’s right, Halo’s artificially intelligent (AI) character is now your personal digital assistant, and you can talk to her! Speaking with Cortana serves as an alternative to using the regular Xbox Live voice commands to get things done, but doing so is a more natural and streamlined experience. To use Cortana as an interactive assistant, you need a Kinect sensor for your Xbox One (it is mostly voice commands that are used, after all). Searching for friends and inviting them to a game are just some of the many things you can do via Cortana. Simply put, accomplishing common tasks is easier with Cortana support than it is with the regular Xbox Live voice commands. There is more to the new New Xbox One Experience than we can put into words. Instead, watch the video of Major Nelson’s interview with Richard Irving to learn more about the update and stay tuned to GameTribute for more gaming news and videos... [youtube]

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