New Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Launch Trailer Showcases A Witcher’s Deadly Monster-Killing Skills

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Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Launch Cinimatic Polish developer CD Projekt Red has released a new cinematic launch trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it’s as touching as the game’s reveal trailer. It showcases protagonist Geralt’s expert skill at killing monsters. If you like mature adventure games with a rich story and solid gameplay, then The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has your name written all over it. The launch trailer is set in an eerie location where Geralt approaches a young, beautiful and unthreatening woman who quickly shows her true colors. CHECK OUT: The Witcher 3 Has 16 Hours of Sex Scene Data Before you know it, everyone’s favorite Witcher is engaged in a battle for life and death with a vanishing, hard-to-hit monster who inflicts some serious damage on him. Fortunately, he came prepared and ends up slaying the creature in the most surprising of ways... I won’t spoil the whole thing for you, but let’s just say CD Projekt Red has done a great job at capturing the essence of being a Witcher in yet another awesome cinematic. They are arguably some of the best in the business. Watch the new Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launch trailer and let us know what you think. Isn't it one of the best, if not the best, trailer you have ever seen? Will you get the game and for what system (PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC)? [youtube]

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