New Street Fighter 5 Trailer Details Gameplay System

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Street Fighter 5, Ryu battle

Capcom has dropped a new Street Fighter 5 trailer that finally details that game’s battle system, explaining how new mechanics such as V-Trigger, V-Reversals, V-Skill and Critical Arts work. We also get more footage of Ryu, Chun Li, Charlie Nash and M. Bison in action, as well as some spiffy new character art.

Street Fighter 5 features some familiar and non-so-familiar gameplay mechanics. Instead of having a Focus Attack like in Street Fighter 4, there are two new mechanics called V-Trigger and V-Skill. Let's start by watching the trailer... [youtube]


Like Killer Instinct’s Instinct activation, V-Trigger grants each character a unique play-style and is activated by pressing the heavy buttons together when the V-Gauge is full. V-Gauge replaces Street Fighter 4's Revenge meter and gives every character even more gameplay options. For example, Ryu's V-Trigger sees him enter a powered up state that lets him do extra damage and guard break; Chun-Li's gives her attacks extra hits; Charlie gains the ability to teleport; and M. Bison gets improved mobility.


Remember the Alpha Counters from the Street Fighter Alpha series? Well, it’s back in Street Fighter 5. Now called V-Reversals, they use up one bar of V-Gauge and require you to time the input command (forward + all three punches) precisely at the same time when your guard blocks your opponent's attack. If successful, you automatically wave away an enemy attack and get a free hit.


Each Street Fighter 5 character also benefits from a unique V-Skill move (MP + MK) that, according to Eurogamer, enhances their defence. Unlike the V-Trigger and V-Reversal abilities, V-Skill does not require any meter and can be done freely. Ryu's V-Skill, in particular, will make fans of 3rd Strike jump for joy -- it’s a parry! Now you can relive one of the greatest moments in competitive Street Fighter history: Daigo's dramatic parrying comeback against Justin Wong at EVO 2004.

Critical Arts

The Ultra Combos in Street Fighter 4 have been replaced with ‘Critical Arts’, whose name is a nod to the Super Arts from Street Fighter 3. To use Critical Arts, you need a full EX meter, which works the same way as it did in the previous two Street Fighter games. Ryu's is the iconic Shinku Hadouken (big, charged up fireball); Chun-Li's is the Hoyokusen (series of damaging rapid kicks), M. Bison's is the Ultimate Psycho Crusher; and Charlie's is the Judgement Saber, a sneaky Sonic Boom backstab. Expectedly, Critical Arts deal a tonne of damage. So, what you do you think about how Street Fighter looks and plays? Considering it’s a games still under development, is there something you would like to see added or changed? [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="large" ids="3754,3752,3751,3753"]

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