New Pokémon Fighting Game 'Pokkén Tournament' Revealed!

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[youtube] The "shocking" Pokémon announcement that Nintendo had in store for us is Pokkén Tournament, a fighting game developed by Tekken creator Namco Bandai. The name "Pokken" is not merely a slight play on "Tekken". Set in the Pokémon universe, the new fighting game has Pokémon engage in a one-on-one 3D battle similar but not identical to what we see in Namco's popular fighting series. Even the logo is a rip of Tekken's: Pokkén Tournament will be released for Japanese arcades in 2015, with no word yet on whether it will head to home consoles. Even so, we get the sneaking suspicion that Nintendo already plans to release a version on the Wii U. Shown in the trailer above is a demonstrative battle between Lucario and Machamp that gives us a good idea of how the game will play. The fact that Machamp is a Gen-1 Pokémon, while Lucario is a Gen-4, indicates that the roster of playable characters will span across all of the Pokémon games. We imagine that like us, you are a bit blown away by this announcement. Head over to the comment section and let us know what you want to see in Pokkén Tournament.

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