New N7 Day Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer is Intense, See it

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The new N7 Day Mass Effect Andromeda trailer that fans have been impatiently waiting for is finally here, and it's intense.

We get to see more scripted and in-game footage of the game world, as well as 'brother' Ryder, his alien crew and what appears to be the main villain in action. It might have also confirmed the existence of Salarians in Andromeda. [youtube] The Andromeda Initiative recruitment page has been updated to coincide with the trailer's release. It shows the user’s login details with the year 2184... the year just before the events of Mass Effect 2. The Andromeda Initiative is scheduled to launch in 2185, the year Commander Shepherd returns from the dead (the beginning of Mass Effect 2). Three Ark ships, each containing three different species in cryo stasis, will leave the Milkyway for the new galaxy, with plans to wake up the occupants 600 years later. Judging by the trailer, things don’t go according to plan. Mass Effect Andromeda launches for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC in Spring 2017. Are you excited for the new adventure?

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