New Hitman Has an “Evolving World,” Exclusive PS4 Content

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New Hitman game

Square Enix is creating a new Hitman game, and it’s simply called ‘Hitman’. It will supposedly have an evolving world and treat PS4 owners to exclusive content.

You still play as Agent 47, and he’s has bald as ever. Unlike past Hitman games, it will have a live, expanding and evolving world of assassination that will continuously be develop even after the game releases. Square Enix will listen closely to players as they release new locations, missions and hits, and apparently $60 (not a dollar more) gets you access to the full experience. Those that own a PlayStation 4 will be treated to more content than those that game exclusively on the Xbox One and PC, particularly 6 exclusive missions. They will also be the only ones to try out the Hitman beta. The new Hitman will be a “highly challenging” game, but players will be rewarded for thinking outside of the box. You will be able to “use brute force or orchestrate a genuine masterpiece of assassination.” Get excited, watch the announcement trailer for the new Hitman and let us know what you think. Is it a game that interests you? [youtube]

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