Necalli is Street Fighter 5’s First Brand New Character, Watch His Trailer

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Necalli Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 has received its first brand new character, and he’s a savage that might also be a Super Saiyan. Necalli is his name...

In addition to other details about the fighting game, Capcom revealed at EVO 2015 that Street Fighter 5 will launch with 16 characters, four of which will be brand new to the series. Necalli is the first of the four original warriors, and he is very interesting to say the least. CHECK OUT: Street Fighter 5 Has 16 Characters at Launch, More Added by DLC or Unlocking We weren’t kidding when we said he’s a savage, with his attacks include big slashes, ground pounds, and bone-breaking slams. See him in action... [youtube] Necalli's V-Skill is called “Culminated Power" and lets him perform a ground pound attack that can be used to pressure the opponent. When his V-Trigger is activated, a mysterious energy transforms his body (hair turns red) and personality for a short time, granting him new combos, new frame data, and a new Critical Art (super move). Necalli is a beast and our Super Saiyan reference isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. Look at him in better detail in the following gallery and let us know what you think about his overall design. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="4464,4465,4466,4469,4467,4468,4474,4473,4471,4477,4470,4472,4476,4480,4475,4479"]

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