NBA Live 16 Has Many Gameplay Upgrades

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NBA Live 16 Russell Westbrook

Gamers looking to dive into NBA Live 16 should expect many new gameplay upgrades, according to EA Sports.

Considering it’s a basketball game, NBA Live 16 benefits from “better dribbling,” with producer Connor Dougan stating in a blog post that the improvement will open up a lot of new opportunities. Guess what? Passing is also a very important part of basketball, and Live 16 has received an upgrade in that area as well. Passing is now smoother and players can catch the ball without delays. DON'T MISS: Russell Westbrook Graces NBA Live 16 Cover, Watch First Gameplay Trailer Thanks to the extensive use of mo-cap, the animation of players are notably better than in Live 15. EA Sports captured not only the motion of just one player, but also that of actual 5-on-5 games. In fact, NBA Live 16 features more animations than in any previous NBA Live game, with Dougan promising “8,000 new animations.” The players also have better court awareness, resulting in more physicality. Finally, EA Sports says they listened “to player feedback religiously,” suggesting that NBA Live 16 is way better than all the previous games in the series. Are you into basketball games? Do you have high hopes for the latest installment in the Live series? Let us know in the comments section.

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