NBA 2K16 Has Full Body Scans for Most Authentic Experience

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NBA 2K16 full body scan

As one of its many technical improvements over NBA 2K15, NBA 2K16 has full body scans, helping deliver the most authentic basketball experience.

Images posted on NBA 2K16’s official Facebook and Instagram pages show off some of the players that have been scanned into the game, including Anthony Davis and Rudy Gay as shown above. NBA 2K16 full body scan, dancer For even more immersion, the dancers have also received full body scans, making watching them in action all that much more entertaining. According to developer 2K games, the goal of NBA 2K16 was to deliver the most authentic basketball experience, in large part by making players and dancers look as close to their real life counterparts as possible. Face scanning helped push the series forward, but full-body scanning will take it to the next level. NBA 2K16 will get even more scanned players and dancers in the coming months. It will be the most realistic and immersive game in the series to date, one we hope doesn’t disappoint fans. Stay tuned to GameTribute for more news and videos.

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