Mortal Kombat X Gets New Hotfixes for Ermac, Kenshi, Cassie and Sub Zero

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Mortal Kombat X Ermac

Mortal Kombat X is a big success, having sold millions of copies. Since the game’s release, developer NetherRealms has worked diligently to tweak and balance the brutal fighter with a number of patches and hotfixes, the latest of which addresses some nagging issues with Ermac, Cassie Cage, Kenshi, and Ferra/Torr.

Ermac’s (Master of Souls) meter drain glitch has now been fixed, while the bug that caused Cassie Cage’s Spec Ops build to lock up the game when her 'Target' Paint rocket is used on Sub Zero’s Grandmaster Ice Klone is no longer an issue. MUST SEE: Crazy Mortal Kombat X Glitch Means You Can’t Kill Jason! Kenshi’s 'Head Splitter' and 'Leaping Sword' have also been tweaked, and the damage of Ferra/Torr’s (Vicious) 'Boss Toss' now scales correctly. Available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Mortal Kombat X is currently the most popular fight game you can buy. Have you played it, and if so, what would you rate it?

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