Minecraft is More Popular than Beyonce on YouTube

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Minecraft castle Minecraft remains a video game phenomenon. Such is its popularity that in 2014, it was one of the most searched terms on YouTube. In fact, it was the second-most searched term, beating out singer-songwriter Beyoncé (no. 6) and my 28 year-old brother’s favorite Disney movie of all time, Frozen (no. 4). Whether you like it or not, video games have become “tightly woven into our pop culture. Only the broad YouTube search “music” beat “Minecraft” in 2014. PewDiePie (no. 7), one of the most popular Let’s Play celebrities, and other gaming-related YouTube accounts like Machinima and Sky Does Minecraft all made it big on the list, rubbing shoulders with the likes of rapper Drake (no. 5), Eminem (no. 9), and Taylor Swift (no. 10). . “Sometimes watching someone else play a game can be as much fun as playing yourself,” Google Insights Lead Gautam Ramdurai explained. “In a recent Google Consumer Survey, viewers often cited the ‘reactions’ and ‘commentary’ of the YouTube creator as a big draw for this kind of content. One respondent said, ‘It’s a shared experience with a favorite creator.'” Available since 2009 as an alpha build but officially released in 2011, Minecraft is a sandbox game that lets players essentially build anything their imagination can conjure. This freedom to go wild has resulted in some truly grandiose creations that will make you gasp in amazement, such the giant castle in the image above. ALSO READ: Microsoft Buys Minecraft Developer Mojang for $2.5 Billion Minecraft was originally a PC-exclusive game but has since expanded to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita, as well as to Android and iOS devices. Over 60 million copies having been sold across all platforms, with 12 million of those sales being accounted by the Xbox 360 and 17 million by the PC. In September 2014, Microsoft purchased the intellectual property rights to Minecraft for $2.5 billion, raising concerns that the franchise might become an Xbox-exclusive. However, Microsoft claims it will continue to support the game on multiple platforms. For those that play Minecraft, let us know what your greatest creations are in the game.

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