Microsoft Will Make Crossbuy and CrossPlay Common Features

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Quantum Break gameplay

Killer Instinct and Quantum Break won’t be the only Xbox One games to support crossbuy and crossplay with Windows 10 PC; apparently, both features will become a common part of the Xbox One/PC experience.

Available to owners of home and handheld PlayStation consoles for a while now, crossbuy is a nifty feature that we’re surprised wasn’t commonplace in the last generation of gaming. With it, if you buy a game on, say, the Xbox One, you’ll get a copy of it on PC free of charge. Cross Buy games generally also benefit from the Cross Play, which allows them to work across multiple systems. In the case of Killer Instinct, owners of the Xbox One version will be able to seamlessly play those who have the PC version, with your progress being saved in the cloud for future access on either platform. When asked by a fan on Twitter whether or not we can expect more announcements like this in the future, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that the crossbuy / crossplay trend will continue, stating:
“We'll make it a platform feature. We think it's good for gamers.”
Are you more likely to buy a game if it’s crossbuy and/or crossplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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