Microsoft is Focused on Xbox Live Usership, Not Console Sales

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Certainly not too thrilled that the Xbox One is getting beat by the PS4 in global sales, Microsoft has announced that they will longer use console shipment numbers as the primary metric for success and will instead use gamer engagement, particularly Xbox Live usership, as the lead statistic.

The tech giant stated in a press statement that while it will still report console shipment statistics, it is something we shouldn’t expect every quarter. Moreover, the nearly 40 million registered users as of the date of this writing supposedly reflects those who have logged in within the past month, with no differentiation being made between gold (paying) and silver (free) members. It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft has been working hard to close the gaping sales gap between the Xbox One and the PS4, but with little in the way of success. The company has shifted tactics in a number of ways, including undertaking third-party deals in favor of offering more first-party games.

GameTribute’s Take...

The move away from console shipment reporting is in line with Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s previous statement that the company isn’t worry about PS4 sales or the competitive nature of the industry for that matter. If the Xbox One was performing near as well as Sony's console, we probably wouldn’t be hearing any this. Only if...

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