Maya Revealed for Killer Instinct Season 2 [Video]

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[youtube] It's no Cinder, but Iron Galaxy's reveal of Maya and her stage for Killer Instinct Season 2 was a pleasant surprise. Both look very good. Described as warrior, monster-hunter and "badass", the 27-year-old Incan-inspired Amazonian (shown in the hi-res image below) and TJ Combo will be among eight new and returning characters that will form the roster of KI Season 2. Similar to the original character in KI2, she wields two 'Ancient Blades' -- one named "Temperance" and the other "Vengeance" -- which she can use like boomerangs. Here are details on her unique combat style:
  • Her daggers are at the core of her offense and are used in all her punch-based normals
  • Each dagger can be thrown independently and quickly after rebounding off her opponent. If the opponent dodges them, she loses access to them, and all the moves associated with them become temporarily disabled until she retrieves them.
  • The daggers have magical properties and level up with consecutive hits, gaining new properties in the process. When fully leveled-up, they can be combined to form a homing projectile that is unblockable.
  • Losing the daggers in an engagement removes any hard-earned properties they might have had.
Don't Miss: Killer Instinct Season 2 details from EVO 2014, new features and more In essence, the new Maya is a high-risk, high-reward character offering players "tons" of gameplay options to keep pressure on an opponent. She's also easy on the eyes and gives Orchid a run for her money. New Maya stage killer instinct Her South American stage is called "City of Dawn" and draws inspiration from Incan ruins. Like Thunder's stage, it's environmental, meaning there will be various weather effects as the match progresses. Let us know what you think of the reimagined Maya. Is her design what you expected? Is there anything you would change about her? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Personally, she looks like what a more tan Shakira would look like if she was casted as Wonder Woman. Maya Killer Instinct Season 2

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