Mass Effect: Andromeda Was Almost Called Mass Effect Beyond

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Mass Effect Andromeda-biowares space game

Mass Effect: Andromeda, the latest video game in the Mass Effect series, was almost called Mass Effect Beyond, a name we don’t think sounds all that bad.

Chris Wynn, Mass Effect Andromeda’s Senior Development Director, revealed the interesting tidbit on his Twitter page. Apparently, a big reason why BioWare didn’t go with Mass Effect Beyond is because director Justin Lin’s new Star Trek movie -- Star Trek Beyond -- sounded too similar, especially when considering both titles are sci-fi adventures set in space. “We almost used the same name, that would have been awkward,” he stated. DON'T MISS: Mass Effect Andromeda Has Weather Effects? Not only that, but Wynn believes the word ‘Beyond’ has been used way to many times in popular culture that it would have been generic for a Mass Effect game. There is Batman Beyond and Beyond: Two Souls, just to name a few examples, and now we have Star Trek Beyond... it’s about time movie, TV show and video game titles moved beyond ‘Beyond’, don’t you think? 'Andromeda' was chosen because it’s the galaxy in which Mass Effect: Andromeda is set. The game is not a prequel nor a sequel to the Mass Effect trilogy, but rather a standalone with a brand-new set of characters and alien words. It will be epic regardless... So, which name do you think sounds better -- Mass Effect: Andromeda or Mass Effect Beyond?

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