Mass Effect Andromeda N7 Day Trailer Will Give You Goosebumps

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Mass Effect Explorers Wanted, poster

With many Mass Effect fans still not able to get over the fact that Commander Shepard will not be in Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare brought her back one last (?) time in a short video to say goodbye and hand over the lead role to whoever the hero of Andromeda will be.

Released during N7 Day, the Canadian developer’s annual Mass Effect fan expo, the trailer is touching despite not featuring any gameplay. Watch it and see how you feel... [youtube] I got for one got goosebumps, or the “feels,” as the youth of today would say... In case you’ve been living under a rock or just aren’t interested in this genre of games, Mass Effect Andromeda blasts off into a new galaxy (can you guess which one), leaving behind all the characters and worlds gamers fell in love with in the previous three games. It’s a new a beginning in a new world, so feeling nostalgic will likely get you nowhere. Regardless of whether or not we see or hear Shepard again, I just can't wait to start the new adventure. What about you?

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