Mass Effect: Andromeda Has Weather Effects?

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Mass Effect Andromeda

You know a game is a big when it has weather effects, and the much-anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda might just have detailed weather effects to go along with its massive alien worlds.

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Senior Development Director, Chris Wynn, dropped the hint in a twitter post, stating: “Tech art team just blew me away with a demo of weather effects on objects and characters in game. Was ridiculously cool.” DON'T MISS: Mass Effect 4 Makes Way for Mass Effect Andromeda, Releases in Holiday 2016 As indicated by its name, Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place in the Andromeda galaxy, which is different from the Milky Way galaxy where our earth and solar system are located and where the last three Mass Effect games took place. We wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a page out of the Star Wars games and feature planets with changing weather. Mass Effect 2 / 3 had worlds with crazy weather, but nothing as dynamic and detailed as seen in, say, the Forza Motorsports series. Not much is known about Mass Effect: Andromeda, except that it will be bigger than Mass Effect 2 and have a stronger focus on exploration. Just imagine the crazy worlds you will encounter…

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