Mass Effect Andromeda Has Combat Similar to ME3

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Mass Effect Andromeda

More details regarding Mass Effect Andromeda continue to trickle. Despite being built on a totally different engine from the Unreal Engine 3 used by Mass Effect 3, the game will have a similar combat system.

Senior Development Director Chris Wynn has already confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda has no returning characters, mainly because the Andromeda galaxy within which it is set is way too far and far too different from the Milky Way Galaxy of the Mass Effect trilogy. Even so, there will be many familiar elements, such as the Mako and N7 weapons / armor. DON'T MISS: Mass Effect Andromeda Has No Returning Characters, Uses New Graphics Engine Even more noteworthy is Andromeda’s combat, which Wynn says is based on that of Mass Effect 3. That should make many fans happy, seeing that ME3 is considered to have the best combat in the series to date. The additions of new elements will supposedly make it feel more dynamic, yet similar. There is still a lot we don’t know about Mass Effect Andromeda, so let us know what you hope to see in the game regarding combat, characters and the overall game world in the comments below.

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