Mass Effect 4 will Release in 2016 or Later, New Details

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Mass Effect Mako Exploration Forget about the ridiculous early rumors, Mass Effect 4 isn't coming out until at least 2016. That's right, along with other details, EA announced at Comic-Con that the next installment in the Mass Effect series will not be rushed. That there should tell fans of the franchise that an epic RPG adventure is coming their way, one with a solid beginning, middle and ending. As expected, the story will be set in an entirely new region of space and revolve around a new protagonist (a human) and his/her team, allowing BioWare to re-imagine the universe. Commander Shepard and his/his companions will not be returning, although there will be nods to their past adventures. Not playable in Mass Effect 2 and 3, the Mako will be back sleeker and faster than ever before, suggesting the possible return for planet-based exploration. In fact, it may play a bigger role in the new Mass Effect than it did in the original, with players able to extensively customize the vehicle. If you're concerned about Mass Effect 4 being an entirely different game than the first three, don't be. It will be the same type of game, featuring a rich and beautiful world filled with tough decisions, romance options, and great battles. Should you want to play with a friend, there will be cooperative multiplayer. If you're as excited as we are about the new Mass Effect, head to the comments and let us know what you hope to see.

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