Mass Effect 4 will be Featured in a Panel at Honorcon 2014

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Mass Effect Garrus Much to our frustration, BioWare has done an excellent job at keeping details on the next Mass Effect under wraps. Mass Effect 4 is still years away, but we may finally get some of the details we've been craving -- the game will be featured in a panel at Honorcon 2014. Set to take place from October 31 to November 2 in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Honorcon convention celebrates military science fiction. The panel that BioWare will take part in is named “Science Fiction in Videogaming” and will discuss the most important titles that have shaped the genre, from such classics as Spacewar to modern gems like the Mass Effect series. MUST READ: New Mass Effect -- Reading Between the Lines “From the earliest video games (Spacewar!) to the current crop of games for the most recent consoles (Mass Effect 4 anyone?),” reads Honorcon’s description on the panel. “Science Fiction has played a huge role in the stories and universes in videogaming. Follow us as we take you back in time and towards the future of Science Fiction in videogames. Presented by Richard Dansky and Gerry Martin.” Admittedly, BioWare’s participation in the panel doesn’t guarantee that we will get any tangible details on Mass Effect 4, but we hope they throw us a bone, however small it may be, such us the official name of the game, its size and whether it will have a sandbox layout (think something along the lines of GTA 5 in space). ALSO READ: Mass Effect 4 will Release in 2016 or Later, New Details Emerge Details on Mass Effect 4 will most likely be unveiled at E3 2015. Until then, make sure to read our lengthy article (see the links above) on what you can expect from the game, and stay tuned to GameTribute for future Mass Effect news.

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