Mass Effect 4 Will Be A Hard Game?

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Mass effect 3 reaper combat

Mass Effect 4 is still ways off, but it will likely be a harder game to play than the previous three Mass Effect games when it arrives.

Level designer Jos Hendriks talked a bit about Mass Effect 4’s combat via a series of tweets, revealing that it will be a more challenging experience than before. “Combat certainly works,” he said, adding that he got his “ass handed” to him. People testing the new missions should “know their stuff” because the enemies are “no joke.” ALSO READ: Mass Effect 4 is Not a Sequel or Prequel, Set at Same Time as Mass Effect Trilogy? Work is still be done of Mass Effect 4’s missions, and Hendriks is doing is part to make it a more rewarding experience for gamers. It’s nice to know that BioWare is looking to shake things up... What improvements do you want made to the combat in Mass Effect 4? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for future developments.

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