Mass Effect 4 Release Date is Spring 2016?

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Mass-Effect 4 Character Screenshot One of our most highly-anticipated games of the current-generation of gaming, Mass Effect 4, has been flying under the radar as far as news is concerned, but an industry insider claims we can expect a release date of spring 2016 is certainly “possible, and optimistic.” The industry insider in question goes by the name of shinobi602 and made the statements on the NeoGAF forums, where there is a long-running thread on everything Mass Effect 4-related. Release date aside, he also said the sci-fi action RPG now has an official title but fell short of revealing what that title might be. BioWare has confirmed that the name ‘Mass Effect 4’ suggests that the game is a direct sequel to the trilogy, which it most certainly isn’t. However, until they reveal the real name, gamers like us will continue to call it Mass Effect 4 (ME4). MUST SEE: Mass Effect 4 Concept Art Show New Alien Species Worlds and Mako As for the progress of Mass Effect 4’s development, only 50 or so developers were working on the game before the launch of Dragon Age Inquisition, hence why the development process was moving so slowly. With Inquisition out of the way, BioWare has made the space RPG their top priority, with a team of some 200 developers now currently working on it. Mass Effect 4 will supposedly “dwarf” the previous Mass Effect games, as well as the impressively-massive Dragon Age Inquisition. That’s a bold statement by shinobi, but it’s a statement that has been more or less echoed by BioWare. The key takeaways from this article are that Mass Effect 4 is “100% guaranteed” to launch in 2016 (likely in the spring) and will be a massive game that makes Mass Effect 2 and 3 look like child’s play. We will continue to dig up whatever new information there is on the new title, so stay tuned for more.

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