Mass Effect 2 Writer Returns to BioWare

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Having left the Canadian developer to pursue other opportunities, lead writer on Mass Effect and co-lead writer on Mass Effect 2, Drew Karpyshyn, has returned to BioWare. Unfortunately, he won’t be working on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Karpyshyn was with BioWare for more than 10 years before departing to finish his fantasy novel series ‘Chaos Born.’ CHECK OUT: Mass Effect Andromeda is Biggest, ‘Best’ Game in Series In a letter published on his personal website, he announced his return and expressed the joys of working with the company:
“Now that the [Chaos Born] trilogy is finished, I’ve decided to come back into the fold. But for those of you who love my novels, don’t worry – I’ll still be writing more of those, too! Working at BioWare was a challenging but very rewarding job, and it’s good to be back as part of the team. The thing I missed most about BioWare was the amazing people I got to work with, and luckily for me many of them are still there! I suspect a lot of folks are going to wonder if this means BioWare is about to announce a new project tied to my return. The short answer: no. I originally came to the Austin studio many years ago to work on [Star Wars: The Old Republic] and -- at least for now -- that’s what I’m focusing on again.”
Like you, we hoped Karpyshyn was working on Mass Effect: Andromeda, especially after the disappointment that was Mass Effect 3's story. A las, his departure meant BioWare had to find another writer... Karpyshyn is well-suited to writing Star Wars, though, having been a senior writer on critically-acclaimed Knights of the Old Republic, as well as the writer of two Old Republic novels and three others starring Darth Bane. Needless to say, his talent isn’t going to waste... He is currently working on Knights of the Fallen Empire, the fifth expansion pack to Star Wars: The Old Republic. P.S. Mass Effect 2 was the best game in the Mass Effect Trilogy. Do you agree?

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