Mad Max is Yet Another Game with Exclusive Content on PS4

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Mad Max Savage Road game

Sony has released a video revealing the exclusive content that the PlayStation version of Mad Max comes with.

The content aren’t major and seem to be restricted to just 12 hood ornaments for his car, including the Longlooker, Humongous Mask, and Bearclaw’s Mask. Even so, Xbox and PC owners won’t get to experience Mad Max: Savage Road to its fullest, at least initially. Other games in the past have featured exclusive weapons and gear, quests, maps and other gameplay-related items that owners can only access on a certain system. Sadly, the practice isn’t going away anytime soon, and by the look of things, the PlayStation 4 -- based on its dominating install base and Sony advocating the practice -- will be the recipient of most exclusive content in this generation of gaming. So far, Sony’s console has secured exclusive rights to content for Destiny, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and many other major titles. On a brighter note, the aforementioned Mad Max content will only be exclusive to the PS4 until November 30th, 2015, after which point Xbox One and PC owners will have access to them. What a sad world we live in... [youtube]

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