Lindsay Lohan’s GTA 5 Lawsuit Just a Publicity Stunt, Says Rockstar

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Lindsay Lohan GTA 5 Rockstar Games has finally made a public statement denouncing Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto 5 lawsuit, stating that the Hollywood celebrity is only doing it for publicity purposes. As a result, the video game developer demands she pay their legal fees. As a reminder, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against Rockstar Games for allegedly using a non-playable character -- Lacey Jonas -- of her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V. She claims that Lacey Lohan was designed to mimic her voice and image, including her hats, hair style, sunglasses and overall fashion sense. In GTA 5, you (the player) escort her around the city in order to avoid the paparazzi, while she blurts out lines like "I am so f*cking fat, oh my God they cannot get a shot of me" and -- ironically -- "Don’t hurt them; I don’t need any more lawsuits!" She even describes herself as the voice of a generation. As a counter to Lohan's claims, Rockstar Games argues that the only similarity between their character and the actress is that they are both young blond women. They see the lawsuit as frivolous, with the actress trying to gain popularity through their game. Grand Theft Auto publisher Take Two Interactive has sold over 33 million copies of GTA 5 through May 2014, generating around $2 billion in retail revenues. The game's release on next-gen platforms -- Xbox One and PS4, but possibly not the PC -- this fall will most likely boost these figures. Lohan may be looking to cash in on that success.

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