Learn About Sunset Overdrive with This Explosive Trailer

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Sunset Overdrive Propain Launcher Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive, which is very similar to similar to Saints Row, has received a launch trailer. Like the game itself, the video is over the top fun and depicts the madness of Sunset City. Brace yourself -- you are in for some crazy shenanigans once you pop this game into your Xbox One... The video starts off on a serious note, with the protagonist explaining to us a bit of his origin. Apparently, before the events of Sunset Overdrive, he floated through life, with his real life only beginning when “the world came to an end.” Cue the madness... [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5ddpEO1CK4?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=800&h=396] In Sunset Overdrive, players navigate the open world metropolis Sunset City in the year 2027. The dystopian world is controlled by FizzCo, a corporation that released a hit energy drink -- OverCharge Delirium XT -- that caused everyone who drank it to turn into mutants. You play as a FizzCo employee who must team up with the survivors to escape. The Sunset Overdrive launch trailer shows off the features that your will experience when you kick back and start engaging in the explosive madness. First off, we see hordes of increasingly-difficult enemies, including infected people, huge flying killer dolls and giant robots (who doesn’t like giant robots?). Next, we are presented with various different outfits that can be used to customize your hero. Sunset Overdrive offers a seemingly limitless number of hair styles, shirts, gloves, and more in an effort to let you express who you feel you would become at the end of the world. You can also choose your gender, skin tone and body type. In your quest to clean up the mess left behind by FizzCo, you will form mutually-beneficial faction alliances, even unlikely ones. Play nice… The gameplay of Sunset Overdrive focuses on agile combat, including wall running, zip-lines, and acrobatics. It is loaded with “Insane Insomniac Weaponry,” and by insane, we mean a roster that includes a bazooka loaded with teddy bears strapped with time bombs. Yea... After the flashy presentations of enemies, apparel and weapons, the protagonist breaks the fourth wall by stating “Together we’ll take FizzCo down... or we won’t, but we’ll get some wicked respawn animations.” Deadpool, anyone? If the characters’ silly dialogue is anything to go by, Sunset Overdrive will be as humorous as it is bombastically explosive. Insomniac’s open world, third-person shooter is playable only on the Xbox One. Is it the kind of game for you?

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