League of Legends Now Lets You Send a Gift at End of Match

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League of Legends gift chest Popular MOBA League of Legends now allows players to show their appreciation towards others by letting them send and share gifts at the end of each match. Apparently, developer Riot Games is a strong believer of the saying “giving is caring.” You can send presents to people you have enjoyed playing with, people who helped you win difficult games, and/or people you just feel deserve a gift. For the magnanimous types, you can even send gifts to players from the opposing team, regardless of whether you win or lose against them. As much as Riot believes that giving is caring, it doesn't want League of Legends to turn into My Little Pony and has instated some restrictions on giving or receiving gifts. Firstly, you must be level 15 to send and level 5 to receive. Secondly, you can only send or receive up to five gifts each day. And finally, you cannot send gifts in custom games. You don’t have to be friends with a person to send them a gift... That out of the way, examples of gifts that can be sent include Mystery Champions, Mystery Skins, and skins for the champion you just played with. Prices for each gift are the same as in the store. ALSO READ: League of Legends: Behave or You Won’t Get Ranked Riot has been pushing to promote positive players and reject the toxic ones in League of Legends, and we think this end-of-match gifting feature will go a long way to help create a more inviting gaming environment. In 2014, approximately 95 percent of active League of Legends players never received a ban or any other restriction. For their good behaviour, all of these players were awarded an Influence Point boost and an additional “mystery reward.” Have you or anyone you know ever been penalized for bad behavior in League of Legends? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

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