Killer Instinct Season 2: Creepy Hisako Revealed!

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Killer Instinct Season 2 Hisako Hot on the heels of gargantuan Aganos' addition to the Killer Instinct Xbox One roster, Iron Galaxy and Microsoft have revealed their latest combatant, Hisako! If The Ring girl was ever in a fighting game, Hisako would be her. In a game where a werewolf, a ninja, an ice alien, a skeleton pirate and a robot battle it out, there is nothing unusual about a creepy ghost girl. Like Aganos, Hisako is a very unique character with some very interesting tools at her disposal. She’s a counter and grappling fighter with great mobility and range, making her seemingly overpowered. Killer Instinct Hisako, possession First off, she has what is probably the slowest walk speed in Killer Instinct but one of the fastest and lowest profile forward dashes, which goes so low to the ground that most projectiles go over her. Her unique combo trait allows her to charge and delay her medium and hard auto doubles, effectively turning them into manual hits. MUST SEE: Killer Instinct Season 2 -- Aganos Trailer Hits the Right Notes Hisako can wall jump and has a cool move called 'Descent' in which she vanishes through the ground on one side of the opponent/stage and reappears on the other side, adding to her stellar forward dash to give her great mobility. She also has good zoning capabilities, with her naginata (spear) attacks. Like Orchid’s Ichi Ni San, Hisako has a rekka special moves that hits the opponent with each successive press of a button. Her version does a lot more hits than Orchid’s, however. With regards to countering, pressing all three punches counters the opponent’s mid to high attacks, while pressing all three kicks counters mid to low attacks. Finally, she has two grappling moves, including one in which she possess her opponent’s body and contorts it to devastating effect. The biggest highlight of Hisako is arguably her special meter called the “Wrath Meter,” which can be used to enhance the versatility of her moves. For instance, using half of the meter allows her to ‘Vengeance’ Cancel her regular attacks or rekkas into a counter. Watch Hisako in action and let us know what you think about her design and gameplay. Is she a good addition to Killer Instinct Xbox One? [youtube]

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