Killer Instinct Comes to the PC with Xbox One Cross Play

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Killer Instinct Xbox One

Killer Instinct is finally coming to the PC, particularly systems with Windows 10! More than that, it’s cross-platform, meaning PC gamers will be able to play the game with Xbox One gamers.

Killer Instinct initially launched as an Xbox One-exclusive, and it was an instant hit. After much fan request, PC gamers can now take part in the crazy combos, combo breakers and Ultraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! DON'T MISS: You Can Now Fight Yourself in a Fighting Game! Killer Instinct Lets You Microsoft has gone the extra mile to ensure that the KI fanbase isn’t fragmented by making the cross-platform support between the PC and Xbox One seamless and unconstructive. Here is everything you need to know:
  • It’s cross-buy, meaning any copy you buy for the Xbox One can be played on the PC, with all the features you have on the console version being automatically transferred to and unlocked on the Windows 10 version!
  • It has full LIVE support, meaning full support of cloud saves, game DVR, chat and matchmaking
  • It is compatible with Xbox one fight sticks and pads, as well as 360 sticks and pads
That’s right, everything you've purchased on the Xbox One version will carry over to the PC version. Everything! The new Killer Instinct is one of the best fighting games we have ever played and isn’t likely to disappoint anyone that gives it a serious try. Welcome to the combo madness, PC gamers! Make sure to stay tuned to GameTribute for more Killer Instinct news and videos.

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