KI Season 2: Listen to TJ Combo’s Hip Hop Stage Music

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TJ Combo Killer Instinct In a previous article, we made the bold claim that the Xbox One’s Killer Instinct has the best fighting game music ever composed. We stand by that claim, and TJ Combo’s stage theme is yet another proof of why we love the game's soundtrack so much. As with the other character themes, composer Mick Gordon did a wonderful job at capturing the essence of TJ Combo in the music. It’s hip hop, one that is partly a mix of the boxer’s original theme. When the characters don't move during the fight, the music slows down and plays a remixed version from the original Killer Instinct Cuts. Just listen to it: [youtube] Impressive, isn’t it? It’s the fusion of old and new that helps make the new Killer Instinct soundtrack the standout it is.

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