Just How Much Money Did Pokemon Go Make in 2 Months?

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Pokemon Go, Ash and Pikachu

Pokemon Go has been a surprising sensation two months after its launch, but just how much money has it made? The answer might shock you.

Two months after its staggered global launch, Pokemon Go has raked in over $440 million, making it one of the highest-grossing games of all time. It reportedly made $200 million in its first month, according to Sensortower. In fact, Pokemon Go has out-grossed most of summer 2016's biggest movies, outperforming all but Suicide Squad ($640 million global), The Secret Life of Pets ($726 million global) and nine other films. There is nothing new about video games performing better than Hollywood, but this is impressive considering that Nintendo and Niantic barely bothered to advertise the free game app. Pokemon Go’s success even triggered spikes in Nintendo’s stock and increased sales of the latest Pokemon games on 3DS. Some analysts believe the popularity of Pokemon Go has peaked, but that will probably change when developer Niantic releases a stack of new features for the mobile game. Are you one of the millions of Pokemon Go players?

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