Jesus Glitch Lets You Walk on Water in Grand Theft Auto V

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[youtube] Grand Theft Auto V is so big that it could take minutes to get from one place to another, but thanks to a game glitch that lets you walk on water, you can now cut your travel time drastically. No marine vehicles required… In the above video, YouTuber BIG Spaz breaks down the process of becoming the Jesus Christ of Los Santos, a process that isn’t overly complicated. Once the ability is unlocked, you are able to stay above any body of water so long as you don't get hit by an enemy or kill yourself. Next up, a glitch that lets you turn wine into water, and five loaves of bread and two fish into an all you can eat buffet… In related news, Lindsay Lohan is suing Grand Theft Auto V creator Rockstar Games for allegedly using a character of her likeness in the game. Make sure to read and share the ridiculous story.

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