Is The PlayStation 4 Good For Casino Games?

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When people think about the PlayStation 4, the first thing that usually comes to mind are big-name games like Uncharted and God of War. However, what few people know is that the console is also a gateway to many great and addictive gambling games.

While some games like The Four Kings Casino and Slots are apps, the fact that you can use your PS4 as an interface for the world wide web means you can also enjoy a plethora of browser-based titles without needing a PC, many of which can be found at betway casino. Granted, the selection of such games will be smaller on the PS4 (or on any video game console, for that matter) than on a PC, especially when it comes to poker, but you will nevertheless have a lot to choose from. Now, why would anyone want to gamble on the PS4 rather than on desktop or laptop, you might wonder? Well, the PS4 makes bragging to your friends about your exploits easier, thanks to the accessibility of social share buttons. When you play a great hand of poker or win a jackpot in slots, for instance, you can share images and/or video of the act a lot more easier than you can on a computer of any other type. So, you now know that the PS4 can be used to play many different casino games, but does that mean you should? Social sharing aside, is gambling using the PS4 any fun? The short answer? Yes! You will be surprised at how well gambling works on the platform, but it does take some getting used to. Video slots, for example, are as easy to play on a PS4 as they are on a desktop or laptop machine, while games like Blackjack and poker, where a single misclick can cost you big, don't work quite as well but are still perfectly playable. Have you played any casino games on the PlayStation 4? Would you recommend any?

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