Infinity Blade Saga Coming to the XBox One

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Infinity Blade iOS game It looks like Infinity Blade is coming to the Xbox One, with a PlayStation 4 release also a possibility. The port won’t be exactly like the game players are familiar with on the iPone and iPad. For those not familiar with Infinity Blade, it is a role-playing action game that has you assume the role of an unnamed warrior that fights a series of one-on-one battles in a derelict castle in order to face the immortal God King. You swipe the screen to attack and parry, and tap it to dodge and block enemy attacks. According to a report out of China, developer Epic Games already has a playable demo of the game, which it has renamed ‘Infinity Blade Saga’ for Western markets and ‘Infinity Blade of Destiny’ in the East, for the Xbox One with Kinect. Now, if the word “Kinect” worries you, rest assured that it won’t be the only way to play the game -- a traditional controller can be used instead. Infinity Blade Saga will feature nearly all of the stages from the iOS version of the Infinity Blade trilogy, plus a more guided storyline. A free to play (F2P) model is under consideration, as well as a long term development plan. Infinity Blade Saga is being published by Tencent, an investment company that currently owns a large chunk of Epic Games. The action RPG will release either before or after Chinese Lunar New Year -- takes place on February 19 in 2015 -- but not before successfully navigating its way through layers of government and bureaucratic red tape. Tencent has a history in the free-to-play market; in addition to spending $330 million dollars to acquire 48.4 percent of Epic’s shares, it dished out $350 million to gobble up a majority stake in Riot Games, the studio behind the hugely popular MOBA League of Legends. Are you excited to see Infinity Blade come to the Xbox One?

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