In Mass Effect: Andromeda, You Play as Commander Ryder?

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Mass-Effect 4 Character Screenshot

At N7 Day, developer BioWare released a goosebumps-inducing Mass Effect: Andromeda teaser trailer that still has people talking today. It didn’t seem to reveal anything on the surface, but fans may have deciphered from it name of the character you will be playing as.

No, it’s Commander Shepard, who although featured in the trailer as the narrator, will be absent entirely from Andromeda. The name of the new protagonist, however, may been hinted, if not downright revealed. At the 44 second mark, there is a hard-to-read dog tag to the left that, if looked at closely, appears to read “Ryder”. [youtube] If Ryder -- granted we don’t know if he/she will be a commander -- really is the name of the lead character in Mass Effect: Andromeda, it could very well be inspired by Sally Ride, the first women to go into space. It would be a fitting name choice considering that the protagonist in the first original trilogy, Shepard, was named after Alan Shepard, the first American man in space. Is Ryder a suitable name for Andromeda’s protagonist? If not, what would you rather be called? Let us know in the comments below.

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